same style different size

  1. Do you find that you like some bags *speedy* in one size in say mono compared to Epi or Mc ?

    Yesterday I was out with my Mono speedy 25.. I love the size, and if i'm not using a purseket in I find I have more room. I 'm able to carry everything i'd carry in another bag, I even have room with the b/f's cell/wallet and keys. Now its full!

    I also love the Mc speedy and because i had no choice in size I have to have the 30 but think because of the weight of the bag i'd love to have it in a 25.

    Looking at Pamela's Epi speedy it looks good on her, but i wonder because its a solid color is it too big ? Like would a 25 be better?
    Do you think it just looks bigger because of the color?
  2. I just noticed the epi ones look bigger than the mono's when i was watching the speedy club post. To me the epi 25 looks best
  3. I have been thinking the same thing. I love the look that ~Irene~ has with hers and it looks great on her. But to me the bag itself looks so much better then even the Mc speedy 30.
  4. i think the epi speedy is goregeaus the mc is little too flashy for me but some people can pull it off
  5. Sabine, funny you should say that! When I was buying my Epi Speedy the SA put it next to the mono Speedy 30 and Epi was LONGER!!!:amazed:
  6. i don't what you mean. I also think the epi's look bigger
  7. are you serious ?

  8. ^^^Yes, we put it side by side and Epi was about an inch loger than mono.:nuts:
  9. The epi speedy might look bigger because it doesn't sag and hold its shape pretty well as compare to the mono speedy.
  10. I know exactly what you mean. I have a Speedy mono 30 and when I was looking to purchase a red epi Speedy I thought that was the size I'd like too, but I felt it looked too big in the solid red. I wound up getting the 25.
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