Same story.. different seller :(

  1. I'm so nervous about my "big purse purchase" on eBay. I bought my dream bag (a chloe paddington in anthracite) from a very nice seller on eBay.
    Before the sale, we emailed back and forth constantly. She kept sending me pics, etc. I used the authentication on the Chloe shopping forum and once it was determined that the bag was okay, I went for it. The seller even offered me free shipping since we'd been emailing so much and she "knew how much I loved and wanted the bag".
    I paid for this bag on Feb 7.
    I emailed her on Monday Feb 11th, and asked if it was shipped yet. She said it was going out that day and she'd email me a tracking # that night.
    I haven't received a tracking # yet. I've emailed her 3x (really quite nicely) asking for the tracking number and got 0 responses. The seller was definitely online as she went on eBay and gave me positive feedback already :confused1:
    I emailed the seller this AM telling I needed to get the tracking # in the next 24 hours.
    If I don't get it I will file w/paypal.

    What is up with these sellers? I'm sick to my stomach that I might've been scammed by this seller who seemed so nice, patient, and responsive before she got my money :tdown:
  2. The whole thing can be very stressful. We hear so many horror stories on ebay. I would give her some time, it has just been weekend and maybe she will get back on track today. If you are very anxious you could request her phone number fron ebay and just give her a quick nice call and say you are losing sleep over this and could she clarify. You never know she may be ill or have a family crisis, and she hasnt prioritised this sale. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. I'm sorry that you are having to go through all this stress. I do think that you did the right thing by giving her a deadline. Hopefully you'll hear from her in the next few hours.
  4. I'm sure it will be alright. She probably shipped it cheaply without tracking since she gave you free shipping. The reason I wouldn't worry too much yet is that she already left you positive feedback. I bet she doesn't have a tracking number to give you!
  5. same happened to me once, no tracking number, no reposnse, than I even opened a paypal dispute. Then, when I lost all hope, the bag arrived safe and nicely, in horrible packaging (cake box!!!) but flawless..I was almost crying and was so relived that she was just cheating on me with the high postage costs..I left her a nice feedback and did not bother about the postage. Hope your case ends similarly
  6. She is in Indonesia. I requested her to ship Fedex w/insurance and delivery confirmation (she agreed)... so I don't think it will just "arrive" .. i hope it does though :smile:
  7. I think you should file with paypal asap. Sellers can empty out their paypal account at any point, so even if you were successful and there were no funds in their account you would be SOL. xx Hope it works out for you though and she's just forgotten to send it to you :smile:
  8. OP, have you heard anything from your seller yet?
  9. I did not mention in my email that I was going to file a claim... so she may not think it's coming. I know I will be okay on that front because the seller has $2000 paypal protection and I also paid with my amex so if I never get the bag I should be able to do a chargeback. It just sucks though! I love the bag and cannot believe that there's a possiblity that it may not ever arrive.
    I'm also kind of "let down" -- I really didn't think this seller was a scammer. I mean there's still the potential that she is honest and something has come up that has prevented her from sending me the tracking number. I just feel like so disheartened ....
  10. There is nothing more you could have done to assure yourself that that it was a safe purchase. (And it probably will be). Your post was pretty early this a.m. - hope you're not losing too much sleep over this.
  11. I actually woke up early because of this... couldn't sleep!
    I haven't heard back from the seller yet. Hopefully I will soon. When I mailed the email this AM, it was approx 5pm her time, so she hopefully will be responding soon.
    I really will hate starting the dispute process because she was so nice/pleasant prior to my paying for this bag...
  12. I would be so mad!!!! What makes it OK to wait this long to ship? I try to ship the next business day. I won't buy from sellers who say they ship once a week, or within 4-7 business days or whatever.
  13. You could request for her contact and give her a call. I had a similar experience lately. I paid the item and requested for tracking info. The seller stopped communication once she received the payment. I waited 9 days and emailed her several times but received no response. I filed a "item was not received" dispute, still didn't hear from her. Five days later, the bag arrived, I closed the dispute, still didn't hear from her. I don't know what's wrong with those sellers? The bag is authentic as described, but I am not going to leave her a feedback since I have nothing good to say about this seller.
  14. How much $$$$ is involved?
  15. Finzup, don't worry too much, you have Amex behind you. They are excellent with their customer service and they will definitely help you out if something goes wrong.