Same size love and juc

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  1. Hello everyone..I’ve been wearing my love bracelet for a year now and I’m thinking of getting a thin juc to wear with it.
    I wanted to get the love in size 18 but the SA was very persistent that I should take the 17, and so I did but soon after I regretted going with her suggestion.
    I now don’t want to repeat my mistake with the juc and want to get it in size 17 instead of 16 which is the recommended size to go with my 17 love.
    Kindly share if any of you wear the same size love and juc for any reason.
    Please share photos as well..
  2. Hi there, I’m wear size 15 for both regular love and thin juc and find it a good match. I do, however, wear my juc higher up my wrist (bigger in circumference), so that might have work out coincidentally..? But....before moving my juc upwards, I was originally wearing it lower down my wrist and I found that equally comfortable too. So yes, I think getting size 17 for both should work out well for you! Here’s a photo for reference

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  3. Hey.. I love love love all your pieces!
    thanks for your reply..
    I also intend on wearing the juc higher up my wrist.. hopefully it works out well for me too:smile:
  4. Great then it’ll most possibly work out perfect for you too :flowers:
    Thank you love :heart: enjoy your new to come juc!
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