Same shoe, two different department stores, 2 different sales!

  1. Ok, so I just ordered these shoes on They were on sale from $590 to $290. Then out of curiosity, since I've never owned or even heard of Biba (but I saw a gorgeous pair today for around $500 and couldn't get myself to buy them), I saw the same exact pair on on sale for $395! I saved on just by pure chance of going to instead of first! How lucky am I? :yahoo:

  2. THat is really weird, since to my understanding, NM online and BG online is actually the same entity. I have ordered from before and gotten stuff with neiman's stickers on it.
  3. i just ordered some Chloe shoes from for about $255. At they were still $345. so odd.
  4. They share the same warehouse for online purchases, but the are seperate in that BG is east coast only, which means NO TAX for CA customers like me. I notice the tendancy for NM's items to be marked down further that BG's as well, but since they are the same company, they will adjust the price for you if you happen to order from BG and NM has the item for cheaper. Thats what I did when I ordered my BV tote on sale. BG had it for $945 even (not tax free shipping) and NM had is for $709 (but with tax the total came to $765). I called BG for a price adjustment and they refunded me $236. For a total cost to me of $709!!! So I actually saved more from ordering with BG in the end. :yes: