Same shoe, different color

  1. I recently purchased the black kid Filo 120mm on sale at Neiman Marcus and I love love love them! I was also able to find the same shoe in nude but am debating whether or not I should keep them both.

    What do you all think? Is it silly to have the exact same shoe in black AND nude?

  2. Not silly at all! I have three pairs of VP in different colors because I love the way they fit and look.. If the shoe fits you well and you love the style, I'd keep them!
  3. I agree. I have the Pigalles in black and nude myself. If you love the style then you should have options.
  4. I love them. They are gorgeous!
  5. Both are classic colors, of course keep. And if you love the style enough, get it in different colors.
  6. I definitely don't think it's silly at all! I bought my first pair of black Simples about a month ago and just purchased a pair of nude Simples a week ago!
  7. If you love the style, get them both!!!
    I have quite a few CL's in multiple colors...
  8. Glad to hear that so many of you own the same shoe in multiple colors!! Both pairs fit me well AND I got them on sale so I'm seriously considering keeping both!!!

    I'm new to Christian Louboutin shoes but is it weird that the nude pair is size 34 and the black pair is size 34.5 but both pairs fit me the same?!? I wouldn't have even realized they were different sizes if I hadn't look at the numbers on the soles!
  9. I have multiple CL's the same style but different colors.. If the shoe fits me well then I always want black and nude.. I would keep them!!
  10. I have many styles in multiple colours.... I thought everyone did this?? Haha I think it's definitely fine to keep the Filos, especially since they are both classic colours.
  11. keep both! Especially since you found them on sale I'm sure you'll wear both equally!
  12. :giggles:
  13. Haha I wasn't sure! I thought maybe it's better to collect different styles in different colors!
  14. Here are some mod shots of my black pair!!

  15. Where did you get them on sale from? TIA!