Same seller multiple ebay accounts

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I've noticed one seller on ebay that has multiple accounts, all opened back in 2003. She is selling mostly clothes (shoes/bags only rarely), single items only (i.e. not multiple copies of the same item), and all in a similar size. And the brands that she's selling are sometimes designer, but more often brands like Maje, Sandro, Zadig, COS - so high street but not so mainstream (not the ones that are faked that often).

    I can not understand why does she have several open ebay accounts for selling, one of which got suspended for some reason?!
    The only reason I can tell it is the same seller is because all of her photos are taken in the same room (the same background in the photos) and she models the items she's selling (she has great legs :smile: ).

    Could there be something dodgy going on? Should I stay clear of her auctions?

  2. Did she get suspended or close her account? I have 2 selling accounts. One I use for items that are mainly new or in great condition. Another I use for listing bags that might not be as great. I might list clothing, ornaments, pottery, etc on it too.
  3. Many sellers have more then one ebay account. I have 3 (two for selling and one for buying).
  4. I had her store bookmarked and when the account was deactivated I erased the bookmark so I can't remember what was exact wording at the time (i.e. was the account suspended or closed). I rarely sell stuff on eBay so I just wanted to double check if having double/triple accounts could be a warning sign.

    Thanks ladies!