Same purse, 2 different lines?

  1. So I have the Nolita in Damier. I am really wanting to purchase the Neverfull in Monogram. The only other Monogram piece I have is my cosmetique. But I know I'm going to want to get in the next 6 months another Damier that is a shoulder bag and the Damier Neverfull would be great! Would anyone ever buy the same bag but in a different line? :confused1:
  2. I do!!! I have the Sologne in 3 lines and the Roxbury in 3 colors.
  3. I have the speedy in so many different lines (cerises, dentelle, mono, damier, epi, MC)! Although it may be the same bag....the different line makes it somehow different! LOL
  4. ^^^^ yup! im guilty too! ie- speedy'sssssssssssssss
  5. Don't worry, it would be great :smile: major of us here do such that. I've some Suhali pieces and ever had Cherry Blossom pieces & Mono pieces.
  6. Yes I have an Epi Speedy 25 and Damier Azur Speedy 25.
  7. Haha....another multiple Speedy owner:
    Mini Lin - ebene
    Epi - red
    MC - white

    Pochettes: Wh. MC, Mono

    Now thinking about getting the Saleya MM in Damier ebony.......Then I'll have 2 Saleya's!! But may go with the Damier Neverfull MM/GM?? Not sure the size..

  8. I'm guilty of this too:

    Damier 30
    Mono 30
    Mono 35
    Epi (black)
    MC (white)
    MC (black)
    Neo (blue)
    Damier Azur 30
    Mini HL
    Mini Lin

    MM Azur
    PM Damier

    If you like it, then having it in different "lines" is just a bonus!! =)
  9. I'd do the same thing... go for it!
  10. I have a few times...Speedy's and Pochettes. Also even in the Vernis line, I have 2 Houstons because I like the style. If you like something buy it in every color. ;)
  11. As soon as my SA calls me to tell me the azur is back in stock, I will have two Saleya PMs, one in azur and one in ebene.
  12. Yes, if I love a style and it comes in different collections I am all for stocking up! LOL!
  13. 3 Speedys: Damier, Mono, Denim
    2 Mini Pochettes: Azue, Trunks and Bags
    2 Reades: Bronze and Amarante

    Hoping to have Sophie in Mono and Damier too.
  14. I love the Saleya so much I have three of them!

    Saleya PM in Azur
    Saleya PM in Ebene
    Saleya MM in Ebene

    Love and use them all!
  15. Initially, I thought I loved so many different LV lines that I would never repeat, but, I do own 2 different colored Roxburys and the black MC Alma and a black Epi Alma!