Same items made differently for different stores?

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  1. Are the same items ever made slightly differently for full retail and outlet?

    I recently purchased a Splash Out Watermelon Coin Purse and after receiving it and looking at the images on the website thought it was fake. However, I was just browsing through the 'Whats new in outlets?' thread and there was an picture with the watermelon coin purse and clutch, both of which are different that the images on

    Help?! So confused.
  2. Can you post some pictures?
  3. This is the link to the coin purse I purchased and the link to the apparent same item on the KS website.

    and this is the image DP Purse Fan posted in the outlet thread.


    You can see that the coin purse doesn't have a black and gold zipper and it also looks like the zipper pull is green.

    Also, the watermelon clutch has a pink zipper pull whereas on the KS website it is black and matches the coin purse.
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    Kate Spade has a trend of taking boutique collection themes and later making outlet items that are similar. The cycle is less than a year apart. It definitely is disappointing to buy a unique design item and then see its outlet counterpart arrive so soon.

    I dont own any of the watermelon items but I saw the boutique ones last summer and the outlet ones recently. They are different designs although similar.
  5. You can tell whether it's a boutique item or factory item based on the style number.
  6. I had no idea they made the watermelon style last year for the boutiques. I picked up a clutch 2 weeks ago at the outlet and don't regret it. Fun purchase.
  7. Kate Spade also made 2 versions of their hot air balloon clutch. The one pictured on the left is for the outlets, and the one on the right was made for the boutique. The outlet one has less detail and hardware, and cheaper looking leather compared to the boutique bag. I like that Kate Spade did this, it gives customers a chance to have that "boutique bag look" but with a much lesser price tag. I wish Coach did something like this instead of sending all of their boutique bags to the outlets. Maybe then it won't cheapen their brand so much.

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  8. Ahh, thank you. I didn't realise they ever did this.

    I messaged the eBay seller before I saw the outlet thread and accused her of selling me a fake. I feel terrible now :sad: but I hadn't realised it was a thing they ever did.
  9. Did you return the product?
  10. No, not yet. I started the return process but was waiting for approval or something.

    I think I'll probably keep it though, I'm disappointed it doesn't have the metal zipper and the printed zipper pull but I've wanted it for ages and ages and it is still pretty adorable.

    Just knowing how the awesome discounts and how cheap things can get a outlets I just wish I'd known it was from there before I'd purchased.
  11. Oh. It is really cute.
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