Same frame as 6026B sunglasses?

  1. My extremely generous (and loaded!) aunt just gave me her pair of Chanel 6026B sunglasses (black frame with Swarovski crystal sunbursts) because she decided she wanted them in brown, and I'm absolutely in LOVE with the way they fit me- they don't rest on my cheeks like most sunglasses do. Anyway, I remember someone saying something a while back that they were the same frames as another Chanel style. I searched the archives but couldn't find it. Anybody know which style? TIA!
  2. wow, what a nice aunt you have! I would kill (!) to have a pair given to me like that. but to answer your question, it must have been an older model because the closest I can think of that fits the style is the ones with the three camilias on the side. it's a rounded frame but not as wide as the sunburst. WOW..enjoy the glasses!!
  3. I tried on the Camillas and they didn't fit as well. I'm pretty sure there's a recent pair that are the same frames. If only I could remember which one!
  4. hehe maybe it's a new pair that I haven't seen? Because I work in the sunglass section [at Nordstroms] and I have not seen anything that looks like the sunbursts. :shrugs:
  5. If you post a picture I am sure someone on the Board can come up with an answer:heart:H


  6. Good idea! Here it is:

  7. Ok- I'm an idiot. Just called my Sunglass Hut and the lady said the 6026Bs are similar to the 6014s, but not the same. The 6014s are the same frames as the 5080B. I guess the "B" after the number messed me up. Thanks for your help girls!