same color family, different style/year?

  1. How many of you get multiple colors in different styles or years?? What is the philosophy on this? I'm curious about Andy having a day, a city, and a first(?) all in different shades/years of red? Is this pretty common among the bag crowd? How do you decide when to take out one vs. the other? Do they feel like different bags with very different personalities?

    Just wondering...

  2. I have 2 05 bordeauxs simply because I love the color. A first and a box.:heart:
  3. I have 2 07 Anthracite. The City and the Work in both RH. I just love the color so much, and the color/leather of Anthra varies from bag to bag, so I made sure I picked out a completely different Anthra when I bought my second one.

    Also, I have 3 04 Eggplants. The Coin Purse, the Twiggy, and the WE. I fell head over heels over this color, and I had to get them:p

    As to having multiple bags in the same color family.....I'm the queeen of that! I have 7 brown bags, 2 reds (07 Tomato City and 06 Grenat Work), 3 grays (2 Anthra and 04SS Gray City).

    When I like something, I have a tendency to buy multiples:p
  4. I have two 05 black bags: a city and a work -- and I think I'm only gonna keep one :shrugs:

    Also, I have the cornflower oval from 06 and the ocean is sooo similar from 07 that I would not get one.