Same Color, different Sizes?

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  1. Hi ladies and gents, I did a search but was not successful but if there is already a thread Mods pls close this.

    Do any/many of you have Birkins (or other bags ) of the same color but different sizes? I am contemplating another black Birkin, it happens to be a different size and leather from the one I have now.

    I have a 40, thinking about a 30 that I have seen from a reseller, pre-loved. Not sure what I should do, just looking for examples from you kind folks. I know it is a personal decision, different for everyone, but just curious what others have done.

    I don't travel much, so the 40 is used as a handbag (albeit a very large one)

    Maybe a silly question, IDK, but just looking for feedback as I mull this over.
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    i do- i see no harm in that although i do tend to ""spice" things up by then using different hardware and/or leather. and this is talking exactly same color not even my addiciton to various shades of the same colorgroup lol

    in the end you are the one who must be happy with your bags and love them. stick to what you adore love and use and if that are black bags or pink ones etc does not and should not matter

    and i am sure you will find many many more members on here who do the same.

    on top of this i think a different leather can change things so much like a black box 30 birkin looks totally different and serves different purposes than a 40 cm fjord (and this does not even include hardware which can change things also tremendously)
  3. This is what I was thinking as well...
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  5. Don't be embarrassed :flowers:

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
  6. Thank you :smile: