Same color...different leather...which one to get???

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am in love with the color of Vert D' I am planning to get the Vert D'eau WE...but my question is shall I get the 2010 one or shall I try to find the 2007 Cherve leather (if I could locate one still)...I don't have any Cherve leather in my collection...since I didn't start my Bal addiction till Jan this which one should I get???
  2. Go for the 2007.
  3. If you can find 2007 in excellent condition, then that's what you should go for.

    If you can't , then 2010 will do as Ive seen it and it actually seems to have a better color of vert d eau which is a plus for you. Another plus - brand new and untouched:nuts:
    It will be agneau, lamb but the best lamb leather since they started doing this in 2007 as its more distressed and thicker.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks Nanaz

    Thanks amazasa, so seems like the 10 leather is better than 07 leather??? I am still waiting to hear from the seller...but I think my seller may have already located one for me!!! so I am still debating!!!:wacko:
  5. I'm an oldie so I would say the '07
    I just love old leathers
  6. Love old leather too... 2007!
  7. I would say the '10 only because it would be brand new. Can't wait for your reveal, I haven't seen one reveal yet of a new '10 VD. =)
  8. I didn't start until March 2010 and I have around 10 bags, all cherve.
    I don't own a new bag so I can't tell you anything about that leather but I can tell you that I really love the older bags and have had no problem with the leather at all. So I would go with the 07.
  9. I'd say the '10 because I like the color a bit better. Vert D'eau is such a light color that I can't imagine finding one with no wear. A '10 one would be pristine.
  10. You should go with the 07 only if you can find one in a really great condition. If not, the 10 VD. Chevre would always be my first choice unless it's impossible to find one in great shape.
  11. I only have a few Chevre pieces, most of my bags are also Agneau as I too only started April this year. My problem is that I want my bags in mint condition.
    I am hoping to get a 2010 GSH PT Vert D'Eau. If I could find a 07 one in mint condition I'd snap it up but I think that would be really hard to find & I don't want to miss out on getting a new 2010.....I really like the colour. So I really understand your predicament. :biggrin:
  12. 2007. Leather of my 2007 Vert D'eau feels silky soft:heart::heart: 2007 colour also doesn't have much grey undertone which I like :smile:
  13. i prefer the color a little more on the 10, and 10 has awesome leather too!
  14. Always the oldies for me I'm afraid...
  15. I'd go for the '10 as colour is soooo nice