SAME COLOR>>different bag?

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  1. Okay, here's my dilemma. I have a Small Bordeaux which I love and also a Medium City, which I had listed on eBay, but which I don't think is going to sell. Would it be ridiculous of me to keep both of them? It's a color I love, but I feel that it doesn't make sense to have both styles in one color and I'm not really sure how I feel about the City anyways. I do have 2 blacks--Purse and Work--but that's different (I think)--I still haven't decided if that even makes sense. Is anyone else holding onto 2 bags of the same color (not black)?
  2. Me! I went magenta crazy and at one time, I had a city, voyage, work, day, make up clutch and coin purse, all in magenta. I did come to my senses and sold the magenta work, day and make up clutch.

    I think if you love the color, keep both bags. Each has it's own purpose.
  3. I'm trying to find a rationale for that--I don't know...
  4. I have three black BBags - City, Twiggy and leather First. If the bags work for you, then keep them!
  5. besides black (which i do have multiples of) i also have two chocolate browns and used to have two greys (just sold one), if you love the bordeaux keep them both!
  6. I think if you love the colors and the difference in style you should keep them both.
  7. I would love to hear what people have to say because I LOVE the rust. I have a courier and I think I want a rust work bag as well. I like that one is more structured than the other.
  8. I could see that makeing more sense, shoegal than a Classique and a City because those two are basically very similar except for size.
  9. I had a bordeaux first (but sold it) and a bordeaux weekender (still have)
  10. Hi Susan!

    I WOULD keep two bags in the same colour if it was one I really like. I have a rouge First, and I would love a rouge City as well. I find the First and the City are both sizes I like and use a lot. The City is a great size if you want to add a book or a bottle of water to your bag.

    It depends if you would use the City size!
  11. totally agree! :smile:
  12. Have there been any Bbag colors that you purchased in two styles/sizes? What have been your favorites?
  13. not really colors.. but i have a black classic, city and hobo.. does that count? i did not really plan it either.. i bought each for their years and leather differences.. they just happened to be all black. i also have a magenta weekender, and would love it in a smaller size as well....
    i bet a lot of girls have different bag styles in same color, especially ink...i saw a pic of someone that had three ink bags!
  14. i have a rouge day on the way to me, and if the color is as amazing as i expect it to be, i'd love to also buy a rouge classique for nights out. i think a red bag at night would be tres chic and versatile!
  15. i also have multiples in black and until recently had two greys and two chocolate browns