Same Bag in 100 different colours...

  1. :love:I was just wondering.. looking through the forum seeing so many pics of adorable chanel bags...why some of you buy the same bag in like 4 to even 6 different colours.. Chanel offers many different bags so I just wondering why someone would by even the same bag in 2 colours. I understand the classy bag ... ok.. but other bags..
    was just wondering...:angel:
  2. In a way I kind of agree with you and I've wondered the same thing, but I can answer on the basis a bit:

    For example, I am a huge lover of the classic flap/2.55. If I could only have 1 style of bag for the rest of my life, hands down, it would be those styles. I feel that they are classic and elegant and the different sizes could be used for different things. Also, I would use the colors at different times of year and with different outfits. I have a couple flaps and I can definitely see the appeal. In general, I like having more variety and being able to mix things up, but like I said above, from that perspective, I can definitely see the appeal.

    I think this is a good question though and I haven't really seen it addressed before on tPF.
  3. I have 3 of the luxe line bowlers - bronze, red and metallic black - because I love the shape, it holds everything I need for everyday, and I can use it for work and going out. I also love the different colors - they work with all my outfits.
  4. It is a very good question. I personally like the more classic, timeless Chanels. For some reason I wear them the most and am the most comfortable in them. I have one trendy Chanel, the brown Cambon Reporter. It is my least favorite as is a tad bulky for me.

    My favorite purse is my black PST because it is the most comfortable. I looked at a brown PST but it was too similar to my black one. I might however purchase it in the beige or get a brown GST if I can find it.

    I think we continually purchase and re-purchase the same designs over and over again as we fall in love each time. Most of us seem to have a favorite style.
  5. If I could get a reissue in all the colors ever made--- I would, hands down my fav. style; and I do the same w/ heels (Manolos: The Carolynne style diff. colors same style = 6 pairs);):smile:
  6. Haha, guilty as charged! :p For me personally, the trendier bags just don't appeal to me. My favorite handbag style (nevermind brand, which is of course Chanel hehe) has always been the classic flap, and reissue too!! :love: :love: While I do have other bags (luxe bowlers, various totes, etc.), the flap/reissue is the ultimate Chanel for me in every aspect! :love: There just aren't other Chanel's that excite me as much as flaps and reissues do, and the way I see it, if I wanna be trendy, I can do that with my clothes/other accessories hehe. :p Also, I definitely see myself carrying my flaps and reissues (in all the various colors and sizes I have) for the rest of my life, because they are so iconic and classic. :smile: Plus, the way I see it, all the different colors and sizes (e/w, medium, Jumbo, 225, 226, 227 serve different purposes in terms of both function and style)! :heart:

    The good thing is, there are plenty of bags out there that cater to everyones different tastes! While some people might be appalled or mystified to own so many of the same type of bag, I find it silly to buy a bag for one season, get bored of it, and never use it again... it's all relative IMO, and to each her own, right? ;)
  7. ^^^ITA! I love the flaps/reissues and want every color in my favorite sizes (jumbo or 227/228)! And since colors don't come out every season, it's easy to buy a new flap every season once you have black, beige and/or white.
  8. ^ My fellow flapoholic haha, hi! :p ITA... the limited availability of the pretty colored flaps/reissues makes it "easy" to buy your favorite style every season :smile:... and if you miss out, it can be very, very hard to find it afterwards ('06 violet, for example). :girlsigh:

    I'm excited for spring... it has the potential to be a flap/reissue addict's dream come true! :love: :drool: I'm only buying the bags that completely blow me away at these higher prices though :sweatdrop: (and I'm hoping the shade of yellow used for the classic flaps is gorgeous, as is the purple of the reissue)! :nuts: I hope you find some amazing Jumbo's and 227/228's!! ;)
  9. I am having extreme withdrawal as I'm on a ban until S/S08! I SOOOOO want those new reissues ... even if I have to buy 226.

    So you see, SaskiaS, while the style is important, for those of us who have a favorite style, it's all about the colors!
  10. Such a simple response but so well said. I totally agree with this. I am super excited for the colors of Spring08
  11. So you see, SaskiaS, while the style is important, for those of us who have a favorite style, it's all about the colors![/quote]

    Ding, Ding, Ding! That's the correct answer. COLOR.
  12. I buy everything in black, camel, brown and white - to match every outfit. If I'm wearing camel shoes and coat I carry the camel bag, if I'm wearing black shoes and coat I carry the black bag and well, you get the idea! LOL!
  13. Hmmm.... slightly off here, I am buying black reissues in different sizes now....I just find that sizes also create different looks and serve different purpose... anybody with me here? .... girlfriends already calling me insane...
  14. That is something I tried hard to avoid. I didnt wanna be the "crazy lady with the same bag in a 100 different colors" lol. But you know what? I like flaps! They are the ONLY bags I never get sick of. Who could get sick of a flap. Its not only comfortable to carry but it looks glamorous too no matter the dress.

    So to answer the question, the having all the different colors part is what ensures that I'll be able to carry a flap no matter what color clothing I have on. That is goal! So I am definitely GUILTY and lovin it!

    (I do have other bags from other designers that mix things up a bit too of course)
  15. I think I have a nice variety of bags, but yes I have more flaps than any thing else - I guess it is because they are timeless and like others, I want one to match everything I wear ... plus they really are practical and I would rather spend money on a bag I will carry for years than just one season ...