Same bag, HUGE price difference?

  1. I went to tonight to see if they had posted one of the new scarves and as I scrolled through bags I noticed that the Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote at is $50 than the one I just bought! :wtf: I checked this out, and apparently the denim signature stripe is $378 whereas the jacquard signature stripe is $328! Does anyone know WHY this is? :crybaby:
  2. All of the Denim stripe bags are more expensive than the other colors. My store said because the denim is like Coach's "IT" color of the season.
  3. It's all marketing....If they had put the legacy lining in the shoulder tote, I would've snapped it up, but now I'm waiting to see if any more fall shoulder totes end up with it...

    I don't like that they did the pricing that way, but that's how it is...
  4. Also the denim has more leather detail on the leather parts.
  5. denim and signature fabric are totaly diff materials so thats why there is a price difference. They may have the same same shape but they are indeed different
  6. I have no contribution except that the denim is sooo cute!! I tried to look it up on and it only brings up the black and brown!?!
  7. Thanks ladies. I did not even realize there was a difference until last night! fieldinspring, the denim is available at the department stores...Dillards, Macys and Nordstrom all have them. I got mine at Nordies.

    Oh well, I would not trade mine, price difference and all!
  8. oh.. no wonder I couldn't find it!! ;) It is a beautiful bag!! That may be next on my wish list.. I wonder if I could get Nordies to send it to me and match the 25% off?? probably not!! :sad: