same bag, different size

  1. I am thinking this may be crazy but would anyone buy the same bag (hardware, color, leather) but in a different size? I love the combo of my birkin (gold, palladium, togo) but HATE the size 35. I want the same bag in 30 cm. Am I crazy?????
  2. No. A 30 is quite different from a 35 and is more of a handbag and the other more of a tote. Might you consider doint the same leather and hardware in a Kelly?
  3. I hope my story makes you feel better..I bought crocodile birkins in exactly the same color in different sizes:sweatdrop:. But mines have different HW though..30cm with PH and 35cm with GH:upsidedown:..but know what I mean...???
  4. I have a kelly and just ordered another so probably not. I like the casual style of the birkin and on the weekends when I am running around the city, I like being able to get into my bag easily. You can't really do that with the kelly. I just unfortunately bought too big of a birkin for my size, height and lifestyle. I would prefer more of a handbag. I think that is why I am drawn to the 30 cm. When I bought the 35, I had never seen a 30 before and did not realize the drastic difference. Hermes really should have sample bags showing the different sizes!!!
  5. Apenmartial. You made me feel better!
  6. No worries, maggiemoo- I have birkins in the same color but different sizes - in black and rouge h. I also have gold in a birkin and kelly - different sizes. All part of collecting! ;)
  7. Hi,
    You could do a 30 with gold hardware?
    I think gold with gold could look nice.
    I also think it is fine to have two different size Birkins,and if you like the PHW then repeat it.
  8. If you hate the 35 size, would you consider selling your 35 and buying the 30? Then you wouldn't have a repeat and would have a bag you love!
  9. Well, I LOVE my graphite Kelly but initially bought it in a 32cm....finally realized that a 32cm is NOT for me so I sold it and bought the exact same bag in a 28cm!

    Now I'm a Happy Hermes, I say get the size you really feel comfortable with and sell the one you don't!
  10. Not crazy at all! I have a black addiction...just can't
  11. I would totally do this, especially for a Birkin given the reasons GK has cited. The 30cm serves a very different function for me than the 35cm.
  12. I think I'd sell the 35...although I can't give you any help as to how to do it. If you love the color, just the bag is too big... If a size isn't right for me, I never wear it. Maybe you could trade...don't some of the seller's on eBay do trades?
  13. Thanks for all of your responses. I was thinking of doing a trade but when I contacted one of the reputable resellers, they wanted my bag plus $5000. I thought they were nuts! So now I am thinking of ordering the size 30 and once I know the order is in, selling the 35. Only problem is, I need to sell to buy so I am scared to order without the funds on hand! I guess its a risk I have to take!

    Thanks everyone!
  14. maggiemoo, have you considered the HAC in the 32cm or perhaps in the 28cm?

    Both sizes are alternatives to the Birkin 30 and the 35.