Same bag different Hardware, waste of money?

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  1. I have a classic flap in caviar and SHW which I am in totaly love with, do you think its sily to buy one with GHW too? I dont want to get rid of the SHW I was just thinking it would be nice to have both....does anyone else get same bag with different hardware?:confused1:

    I know people in my life would have negative remarks, but when it comes to bags they dont matter, lol. :nuts:....ill listen to your opinions more:tup:
  2. If I were to have the same color bag but with different hardware color, I'd get a black lambskin with gold and in a different size. If your caviar is a jumbo, the lamb would be medium size. Basically, no I wouldn't have the exact same purse with different hardware. I'd switch up the leather, the size, something to set it apart.
  3. I agree with Jmen. With that money you can get other type of chanel. But I noticed there are alot of tpfers hv the same handbag with just different in hardware. But I personally would not waste that money. Perhaps with the money you can get a reissue. I am pretty sure when you wear it on the street, people won't notice the hardware colour. They will assume u are just using a same bag.
  4. Yes, it's waste of money. I have black GST Gold hw. I love GST very much that I bought another black GST Silver HW. But then I returned it because I don't love black caviar with silver enough. Now, looking back, I am glad I returned that GST. I don't want same bag different hw again.
  5. I agree with what jmen said. See if you can switch up the leather and/or the size to give yourself some more variety and then you also won't feel so bad for having the exact same bag except for the hardware.

    I think this "strategy" gives you more bang for your buck cuz then with a variety in sizes/leather/hardware you'll be able to cover off more functions or occasions.
  6. I too have a black classic flap with SHW, AND:nuts: a black classic flap with GHW! I personally do not think it is a waste of money as although they are the same bag, i use them for different things. The SHW I usually use mainly for day, it has a younger, edgier feel. I use the GHW in the evening or at more glamorous occasions. I personally never mix gold and silver(white gold/platinum)jewellery or for example if I wear a coat with silver buttons I wouldn't dream of using the bag with the GHW. So i definately get my money's worth from both bags. Hope this helps :yes:
  7. I agree with Jmen, about makes switches.
    I just think it will make your collection alot more versatile too.
  8. i had the same question. i have a jumbo with shw and med/large with gold hardware. For me, they are different as they serve different purposes. one for day, the other for night. Also, changing the hardware as well as the size gives it a change as well. In another note i have a friend that has 2 black jumbos with different colored hardware. however, she has money to burn and could do that! It is however you want to spend your money. You don't have to justify it to anyone
  9. I actually think silver h/w and gold h/w have a totally different look, so I wouldn't be opposed to the same bag with different h/w's... of course, if you switch up the sizes, it might be more justifiable, but I would only switch up the sizes ONLY if you were thinking about doing that anyway, not because you feel guilty for buying two similar bags and think that you have to! ;) :heart: So I would do it if you want to... and you're smart to ignore the people who might make negative comments, because it's your opinion that matters the most! :heart:
  10. I agree that you may want to change the size to keep things interesting. The m/ with gh or a black jumbo lambskin would be great. That being said, if I had unlimited funds, I would probably have duplicate bags as the color of the hardware gives the same color a different feel to me.
  11. I'd l likely get either a different size or a Reissue. I understand the appeal to some but I don't want the exact same bag in merely a different color HW. It would be a waste *to me*.