Same Bag, Different Colors?

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  1. How many of you own multiples of a style in different colors? Which bag? What colors? Pictures appreciated.

    I want to take a little sea cruise on the H.M.S. Justification. Enable me. :lol:
  2. Dillen II med satchel. Sand and teal

    Coach mannnnny of same bag n differ colors
  3. Two florentine satchels-crimson and taupe-and I want more!
  4. I have a lot of bags, but I've never bought multiples before. I told myself when I ordered two As Is Stanwich satchels that I would only keep one- either the red or the natural.

    But I kinda wanna keep 'em both. :shame:
  5. Well don't use me as a good influence. Here is my multiples collection. It's the only one I have multiples of. Stanwich satchel.
  6. You're my idol. :worthy:
  7. Those are so beautiful!

    I have the Violet Kingston, which I didn't use YET but I love the style and ordered one in the black too. I am in BIG trouble LOL! I also have a few Vera Bradley in the same style too.

    I would say, keep both OP :biggrin:

  8. Thank you. I got them at the outlet so they were 30% off plus they had additional $25 off florentine. The main reason I have all three is because I just couldn't decide. I'm weak and indecisive. They are my only florentine bags.

  9. I looooovvvvveeeee your violet kingston. I'm on a mission for violet. If you love the bag enough you'll likely end up with both. Besides black and violet are such different looks, it's good to have both in your collection. There.....justified :smile:
  10. I love this bag so much, perfect size.:tender:
  11. Lucky for me, only two were available "as is" on on Take It Easy Day, or I'd probably have three as well! :yes:

  12. :smile: my favorites are the red and natural :smile:. There's just something about the contrast with the dark trim.
  13. I have many multiples:

    Florentine leather: Red, Moss, Teal, Natural, White, T-Moro
    Dillen: Black/Tan trim, Navy/Tan trim
    Nylon: Pink/Blue trim, Navy/Jade trim

    Small satchel:
    Florentine: black, royal blue, navy
    Dillen: Tangerine/tan trim

    Side Pocket Hobo:
    Florentine: Natural, Chestnut, White

    Double pocket satchel:
    Dillen: Turquoise, Ivy/Tan trim
    Croco: Blue, Burnt Orange, Plum
    Coated cotton: Black (cork)

    So I say, keep them both!
  14. I have two styles I love in two different colors. I couldn't resist getting a second patent shopper because it was $69 after all the discounts at the outlet last Summer. (It was either Memorial Day or the 4th of July, "Red, White and Blue Sale".) I got the yellow Mkors pre-owned in good condition on ebay for $95, then ebags had the mandarin on sale for $149 so I had to get it too. That's the one I've been carrying all Winter. But this thread is making me want to pull out my white/black patent shopper. Maybe tomorrow when it's suppose to be near 50 degrees!

    I don't have time to take a group shot so I'm attaching existing photos.

    Have a great day everyone!:smile:

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  15. I have both the red and ivy in the larger Flo Satchel. I only have one Smith in Chestnut, but I will definitely be purchasing another color soon!