Same bag...different color.

  1. I had originally wanted the small signature soho flap bag in chocolate but ended up getting one in saddle leather at the outlet. But I still want the chocolate signature and if I can find it at a discount I will probably get it. Does anyone else have the same bag in different colors? My husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting the "same" bag but to me they look completely different and I just love the flap bags.
  2. Chocolate and saddle are two completely different colors!! If you find one go for it....there's nothing wrong with having the same bag in different colors. I think a few people on here have one bag in different colors......if you find something you like, stick with it.
  3. I have 3 legacy shoulder bags - pond, whiskey and plum suede. I thought I was nuts at one point, but they seriously all look like different bags b/c their "characters" are so different! I say go for it (ok, so I'm an enabler, so shoot me :smile:
  4. I currently have 3 Legacy Flaps -- black leather, khaki signature and black signature. I also had the Shoulder Zip in four colors at one point (but since sold all but the black leather).

    If a particular style works well for you, get it in as many colors as you like!!
  5. I say go for it too! It's like t-shirts. They're wear them all the have them in 10 different colors....
  6. I have 3 carlys, different colors, and 2 of them are the same color but different material.
    You aren't crazy. Go for it! =)
  7. If I love a certain style, I tend to get it in multiple colors if I can. This goes for clothes, shoes, and handbags. I own three Carlys and two Ali's. If something really works for you it makes sense to stick with that style. :yes:
  8. I have the large denim Carly and really want the Camel Leather one and the White Leather one and the Chocolate and the Khaki and heck the black. I just love the large Carly bags!

    Next though I'm getting an Ali!
  9. I'm known for doing two of everything. If I find a shoe that I love, I buy it in black and brown. I don't see anything wrong with the same style purse in different colors. I have two signature Coach demis in black and brown. I have a small hobo in brown, and now I'm on the lookout for black. I like having two colors of whatever I love available when I need it.
  10. Chocolate Signature and saddle leather are 2 completely different bags!

    The fact that they are the same shape and size just makes it easy to switch between them (I don't like it when my stuff doesn't fit and I have to leave anything out of a smaller bag!)

    Sounds like you may need a black one too! :yes:
  11. ^^ :roflmfao: yes, three would be nice :biggrin:

    I have 4 of the same bag :shame: in different colors, so I am not one to talk. YOU NEED BOTH!! :graucho:
  12. of course I do!
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