Samantha's Ring

  1. Because Samantha seems to have such Awesome taste and EVERYTHING she wears so well, I broke down and purchased the Burgundy Ring Bag and matching Burgundy Unite wallet today on the 50% off sale:wlae: Now, I only wish I had the legs to wear it as well:graucho:

    Please let there will be a little JC magic............:p
  2. That's a great bag - I didn't think I would like it until I saw Samantha's picture with it. Did you get it at the boutique or online?
  3. I ordered it from the boutique:yes: in Chicago. I agree, I liked the bag okay on line, but when I saw Samantha wearing, I fell in love with it:heart:
  4. Wow! I am speachless. Robyn, congratulations on your fantastic purchase and awsome deal. I know you will love your new bag and wallet, and I am quite sure you will wear them with amazing style! Can't wat for your latest pictures.
  5. Uh, what happened to your one-bag-per-season rule?? :shrugs: Like I can talk :bagslap:, I know :roflmfao:. Yeah, Samantha can sure sell a bag. I can't help but admit she got me tempted by that Troy clutch she got for days after I saw it on her. But if you saw me with Daisy Dukes and my clutch, you'd go :wtf:...
  6. Samantha - I have to say I bought the bag too seeing your photos. I supposedly got the last one in the system. I'm very excited!!!! Also bought 3 pairs of shoes ARGHH!!!! I originally called for a Rikki or Ramona. So happy I got the Ring. Can't wait, should have them tomorrow!
  7. WOW!
    Good for you - I LOVE that bag!!

    Can't wait to see your pics :smile:
  8. Congratulations addicted. I am sure you are waiting anxiously by the door with such great purchases. A Ring bag and three pairs of shoes:choochoo:It is a beautiful bag. Looking forward to the pictures.What color did you get?
  9. I got the same color (the burgundy/wine) and then a kemps, mo watersnake and jasmine bronze. Actually running errands today but left a note for delivery to be left at the door. Don't want to miss it!