Samantha Who?

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  1. I just watched this show online and I loved it! It is very funny and Christina Applegate was the perfect casting choice!
  2. I watched it. I :heart: Christina Applegate.
  3. I missed it. I guess I'll watch it online.
  4. I saw the premiere and thought it was cute. The Jennifer Esposito character was hillarious. I also like Melissa McCarthy who plays her other friend. She was Sookie on Gilmore Girls, a show I miss so much. :sad:
  5. That's another reason why I watched. I miss GG too. :crybaby:
  6. This show seems pretty good. I miss Gilmore Girls too. I need to get it on DVD so I can watch when the mood strikes!
  7. great show, i love it. very funny!
  8. Christina Applegate is just a lot of awesome! Love her. And Jennifer Esposito is great on the show, too. Love it. I love when she has the flashbacks of her old self. And her ex-boyfriend is so cute. Is that the guy from What about Brian? with short hair?
  9. ^^Yep! I also know him from 7th Heaven. He's a cutie!
  10. I watched the second episode last night. I still really like it! It is a great cast!
  11. Was he the brother? I'm trying to figure out why he looks familiar, but I've never seen those shows.
  12. Looove this show. I admit originally I was only watching it for Jean Smart (Regina), though -- my favorite actress (she was amazing on 24) but the rest of the cast sucked me in and now I'm hooked!
  13. I love this show. So funny. ABC has done it again!
  14. This show is really good! I am hooked. I loved her closet full of shoes!
  15. I checked it out last night, but for some reason I didn't find it very addictive like some other shows do to me. But Christian Applegate sure looked great!