Samantha (Vega/Thavasa) bags, What do you think?

  1. Aight, so it started as kinda a joke, me posting on here, but here is an honest question.

    THis summer while in Tokyo I offered to buy my fiance a new bag (along with the nice ring I brought with me to make her my fiance). She thought about buying something like a coach or LV bag but she decided she didnt want something that most every other girl had. I found a Hermes bag that was rather reasonable and I thought looked good, but it didnt do it for her. While in Osaka we were shopping in some little mall by the Hep5 building and she saw a Samantha Vega store (on our way to Anna Sui). After browsing around there she decided that was the brand she wanted to go with. Not ubiquitous in design (like monogram stuff, yawn), moderately priced, and fairly popular but not too popular. She couldnt decide on which color and size she wanted so I told her we could just get it back in Tokyo after she did a little more looking around. On a shopping trip in Ueno I gave her a few 10,000JPY bills to put toward which one she wanted. She settled on a medium sized Samantha Vega heart quilted design bag (IIRC it was black... or white the hearts kinda stuck out like they were quilted together). She loves it the last time I checked.

    Does anyone else have any experiences with this brand? Good/Bad? I know nothing about women brands. I was thinking of ordering her a wallet to match the purse, what do you think?
  2. Hi domyoji, do you know if there's any fake Samantha thavasa items you've seen in the streets of Tokyo?? I don't want to get fakes on eBay! Thanks.
  3. Dont remember any fakes on the street/eBay, but dealers like "Tokyo Road" on ebay do sell real goods. I say as long as its not coming from HK you should be ok.
  4. Hey thanks for the info!
  5. I had a tough time navigating the site (there are so many Samantha brands?!) but I recall seeing some of the designs that Tinsley Mortimer did, they were very girly and reminded me of Juicy.

    You are a very thoughtful fiance, I'm sure your lucky lady will love a matching wallet!
  6. [​IMG]

    this is the style of the bag, I think hers might be smaller, and is a different color. The Thevasa wallets are the same pattern and more colors.
  7. domyoji:

    I think this is a great brand, and it is starting to catch up with US shoppers, I hope. Recently opened its US flagship store in NY.

    I love the bag and the wallet is a great idea.

    BTW, are you a fan of the Japanese drama about the 4 "flowerly" teenage boys? You're named after leader of the pack!
  8. Well, seeing as you are familiar with the F4, you can guess who I have been told I look like (many times, in Japan and in the States)
  9. Yes, after looking at your photo, I certainly would agree.:tup:, F5, perhapes:p? BTW, are you still in Tokyo? I have been to Japan 5 times already, and really, really love it. The shopping, food, unrivaled anywhere!
  10. I just heard about Samantha Thavasa! I am interested in looking for more pictures of the different handbags, but her website is so hard to navigate. Is there a website that showcases all her old and new handbags? Is there any way to order the bags online or from her NY store?
  11. Hahaha, thanks.
    I love Tokyo, but I can only live there during the summer. I have school here, but soon I should be able to get a job and attend my last bit of school in Tokyo.

    Regarding the website, I had trouble looking at any of their bags on the site. I found the pic above on a blog
  12. Some styles and prices I found on a Japanese site. Domyoji, do you know this site? I cannot read japanese very well. As far as I can figure, this is like Japanese Ebay, is that true?

    More on Amazon japan

    Christmas Collection: Prices in yen.

    I wish I am in Japan now!
  13. Rakuten is similar to Ebay, but a lot closer to Yahoo shopping. There are a lot of decent stores (lots of discount stores) on Rakuten. I go there a lot to look at jackets and stuff. Another to check is Yahoo Japan's Auction site. It is a lot closer to Ebay in the states.

    I wish I was in Japan right now too. I missed our aniversary and am going to miss Christmas/my birthday together. Its a lot warmer there now too. Its been snowing here in Spokane the last week or so and sticking around 20F.

    Ill look around in Rakuten and see if there is a store with a decent selection for you girls to look at. It might be a while though, I start Finals this week (takes about 2 weeks for all my finals)
  14. Happy B-day, if it is early:flowers::drinkup: good luck on finals!
  15. I LOVE samantha thavasa.. in japan its all over the place.. (fyi im japanese and go to japan often and i usually get one handbag once a year from there).. samantha thavasa has different brands also.. like samantha thavasa deluxe, samantha vega, samantha thavasa, etc