Samantha Thavasa?

  1. Anybody own one? Anybody ever been to the flagship on Madison?
    I adore some of their bags and I am constantly looking at eBay to fid them. My mom is taking me to the flagship in Dec on my bday but I just wanted some info on the bags.
  2. There is already a thread started on these bags, just do a search and you should find it!!

    Good luck on finding them!!
  3. i have 3. they are all Nicky Hilton designed ones...i have the pink star one, a teal star one, and a large yellow heart one. i love these bags, i got them in 4 years ago in high school and they were my first "real designer bags". they are still really fun, i don't use them for every day use anymore because my handbag style has matured more, but they are fun to spice up a boring outfit or take out at night to a party.
  4. I didn't know that

    They are a big hit in Japan. I like the wallets...
    The bags look too girly, not my cup of tea... And some are a little trashy :tdown: (no offense).
  5. Have not been to their store in Madison, but have been to their stores in Japan. Their designs are really hip and fashionable and are huge in Japan. I wonder how much are they pricing their bags in US $$. If I remembered right, their bags price averaging around $350 to $500 US, which is very reasonable, IMO.
  6. yeah, I really like the one on the site that beyonce is holding. I like the heart hardware and that the bag is sophisticated... and PINK!!!!