1. hi, i saw some really really cute samantha thavasa purse on vivi magazine(japanese mgz), but i try to eBay it, all i can find is the old style, i want their leather handbag. does anyone know where i can get it ?
    here's their 2007 autumn collection
    and i find some pix on their website
  2. Wow they look very nice.
  3. Yeah they are really really nice. I love the one that Penelope Cruz's sister is holding...and of course SJP's!
  4. i like the SJP one.
  5. Didn't they open a store recently in NYC? It's really hard to find their stuff in the US, which is lame.
  6. Found their store address and phone number in NY:

    住所 965 Madison Avenue New York,
    NY 10021 TEL 212-535-3920BTW, adore their bags. Very hip, good quality and reasonably priced. A must visit if anyone is ever in Japan!
  7. I have been to the samantha thavasa store on madison and they have some really cute bags in there. Nicky Hilton designs for the Japanese company and some of the styles are adorable. When you walk past the store it looks like heaven. I can't explain it but it practically sparkles. I tried to order the bags online but they don't really have a web site.
    I would love to go to Japan and check out some of the bag designs because they have some really fashion forward trends and I love it!:angel: