Samantha Thavasa Handbags

  1. Anyone own one of these? I bought one in Japan last year, and love it, just wanted to know if anyone else out in the forum had one? :nuts:
  2. Is that the line Nicky Hilton designs? Do you have any links?
  3. Nicky Hilton designs for Samantha Thavasa. Samantha Thavasa is actually a big designer company in Japan (there is no real-life Samantha Thavasa--it's actually run by a guy...), but their bags are in the $150- $600 range (for all you Posh fans out there, VB has designed a line of purses for this brand too-- like croc-embossed speedys). When you go to Japan, you see women either carrying LV, Gucci, Coach, or Samantha Thavasa. There is no US link right now, but if you do a Google search, you can find the link to the Japanese website. There are a lot more photos there. Even tennis star Maria Sharapova has a jewelry and handbag line with them!!
  4. ^^ thanks, I'll check!
  5. I really liked the Victoria Beckham collection-- but it was way too pricey for me while I was on vacation.
  6. i LOVE the samantha thavasa star bags! i cant afford one so i bought a inspired style on eBay. not fake. but just stars and stuff!
  7. It would be nice if they opened a store in the U.S.
  8. I love samantha thavasa bags. I purchased a few at bloomies in soho a year or so ago but then they stopped carrying them used to sell them
    Good luck
  9. That´s what I want something off but haven´t been able to find anywhere:yucky: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  10. i liked the collection Nicky Hilton designed but I don't own one.
  11. I think the bags and accessories would do well here--especially the celebrity collections... oh well, have to wait to get back to Japan again!
  12. i think there's a store in new york now? and planning to open one in LA in 2007....i hope they do. i saw ST bags in Japan and I couldn't afford one (cuz I already bought a Dior and a Vivienne Westwood haha) ... But I did buy an ipod case =P
  13. Can someone direct me to some pictures of them? They sound really nice.
  14. There is a store in NY, I think... On Madison, I believe
  15. Their latest "celeb" designer is New York socialite, Tinsley Mortimer. Her line looks nice with clutches/bags in faux croc(?) with her initials.
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