Samantha Jones's bag ??? Help ??

  1. Hi all, does anybody know what the bag is that Sam wears on Sex and the city ?. Its monogram and its like a messenger bag but is tiny like a pochette. Its similar to the Pochette cancun but the Cancun wasnt out when sex and the city was on so thats not it. I cant find a pic...I have searched google. But does anyone know please ? :confused1:
  2. Are you talking about this one?
  3. omg yeah...thankyou so much for that pic. do you know what bag it is please ? :smile: thanks
  4. I think it's the same bag as this one:
  5. But I have NO idea what year/line, etc. it is.:shame:
  6. yeah, what the heck is that, why can't I place it?? OK, need to pull out the old catalogs, also need to get some work done thought LOL!
  7. lol thanks girls for your help. :smile:...I love the 1st it the same as the 2nd ?
  8. if i remember correctly, the first photo is the episode when samantha is buying fakes... she brings carrie to a shady place so carrie can one, too. (she does not buy a fake, though.) maybe it's fake? don't know...
  9. that bag is so cute! i think it is the 'fakes' episode...when theyre in california....someone identify!!! it looks so practical for going out too...
  10. Is this the same?

  11. ^^ that is sooooo cute! what is it?
  12. is that a crochet strap?
  13. Here is a somewhat better pic of the bag in question (from Bazaar's article on Susan Casden, Los Angeles philanthropist, so the bag is def. NOT a fake!!!):
  14. :winkiss:
    yeah, i totally agree with you on that one.:yes: that was that episode wherein samantha bought a gold fendi off the back of a trunk in LA, and it got stolen and she accused the Playboy pinup girl of stealing it infornt of Hugh Hefner. lol.

    favorite line: "it's MY bag, look inside and it says 'Made in China'"...and when they checked, Playboy gal was carrying an authentic one, and she left the party totally humiliated. :roflmfao:

    and i agree with LV_ADDICT, i doubt it's a fake. i don't think a show like Sex and the City...or any show for that matter on US television would ever feature a fake bag, fake anything...unless specified.

    besides, the biggest reason why the show was such a phenomenal hit in the first place was because of the fashion scene. i doubt their sponsors would appreciate any of the show's cast wearing/using fakes. and even if LV didn't sponsor them, the certainly could afford using real ones for the show. :winkiss: :winkiss:
  15. Yes!!! That was funny!!! Esp. Carrie's line "Apparently, not EVERYTHING on a bunny was fake!" :lol: