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  1. [​IMG]

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]

  4. [​IMG]
    Jessica P Brown - Small
  5. [​IMG]
    Jessica P Brown large
  6. Hmm…The Cheeoma is obviously coping Ferragamo’s style.
  7. I like those bags, they look simple but well made.

    BTW Heavensent - do you really require a new post for every bag? It would be much easier if you would just put them all in the same post.
  8. Deidrey...Gucci anyone?

    But it's okay I guess. It's not really 100% copying it. Slightly inspired by...It's totally different from a copy/fake.

    I think these bags are perfect for people who love a particular bag style. Not really into the designer?...

    Chemlex...hehe it's a way of adding more post #'s if you haven't noticed. hehe I think it's okay...
  9. It my way i showing off one bags detail with out looking at a clump of different bags..........and all so post count :smile:
  10. I suspected it was to boost your post count, which is I think is very wrong. Most forums have a rule against this, so i will have to ask Megs what she thinks about that.

    Your post count should be a reflection of what you add to community - it's not a competition and you shouldn't make multiple posts about the same thing to bring it up.
  11. It may be a little easier on the eyes if you just combined them into one post.

    Remember, postcount is not everything in life. ;)
  12. ^^ I didn't realize anyone (me included) cared about post count...
  13. You really shouldn't care about post count, because obsessing over it and purposefully flooding a board with posts, just makes the board weaker and more difficult to read.

    I strongly believe that it is quality and not quantity that matters when it comes to posts.

    If you can post the same thing in one post versus five, please do. No one is paying attention to post count here.