Sam the shoplifting seagull

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  1. ITN - Friday, July 20 03:55 pm
    Sam the seagull has been stealing his favourite crisps from a shop in Aberdeen.
    The bird has a tendency to stroll in to the newsagent's shop and pick up a cheesy snack from the bottom shelf, then head off.
    The sealed bag is no problem, he rips it open to get his beak on the spoils.
    Sam may be brave, but he does not work alone.
    Once he has opened the bag, he is joined by a group of accomplice seagulls, who also tuck in.
    The unusual shoplifter is proving so popular with locals, they are paying for his crisps.

  2. I just saw this video on my local news. Hillarious! I love that fellow customers pick up the tab for Sam sometimes. :smile:
  3. Me, too!

    That way, the customers get a show, and that shopkeeper doesn't lose money!
  4. that is what i call in-store entertainment. or is that pay-per-view? hehe the customers pay for his snack! :tup:
  5. This is funny but it's more than a little worrying, what needs to happen before something is done about the numbers of seagulls in towns and cities. They will swoop down and steal food from your hands, they're big birds, they could really hurt a small child.
  6. The hoodlum! LOL