Sam Messengers IRL


Mar 1, 2006
I saw the small sam today, in white. It was a very cute bag, looked fresh & summery with the silver hw and the leather was soft and smooth. I can easily imagine this bag together with a flowery summer dress, or white linen pants & a loose shirt. It was quite small, and would just hold a small wallet, keys, cell phone and a lipstick I guess - but would be just fine if you want a cute bag for essentials. The leather looked a bit delicate, I wouldn't bring it to the beach or similar - it might stain easily (at least in white). I never saw the coral colour irl - it looks nice on the website, but my mulberry store didn't have it. I never looked closely the big sam - just a brief glance, really - because I didn't like the size very much. I found it too big for it's shape, if that makes any sense. It was too big for such a flat bag, imo.