Sam Edelman - Yellow Celine

  1. I never heard about the brand before until last saturday when I went to Bloomingdales and saw the cutest yellow flats ever. Unfortunately they dont have them in my size (10.5).

    Is anyone familiar with this brand? And do you know if they made shoes bigger than size 10 and maybe where I can get them online?

  2. I know Zappos stocks a large variety Sam Edelman shoes. They are very cute!
  3. i think they're super cute, but i cannot decide on the color. i love the yellow, white and red. which would go with more things? i'm thinking yellow or white. any opinions?



  4. Yellow ones!
  5. Ooooo they're nice
  6. I like the yellow ones too! :heart: I think you will get a lot of use out of them, and the color is perfect for summer.
  7. Love the yellow ones!
  8. yellow for the summer
  9. the butter yellow they use is so beautiful - not too bright or garish, they'll go with everything!
  10. They also made these in a bright green and a pretty blue. I believe and had them also. Good luck...
  11. thank you ada~ green was the color that initially got my attention but after consideration i thought they would be a bit hard to match with.

    these shoes are indeed lovely, aren't they.