1. Anyone here take SAM-e? Our vet recommended it for our dog (whose name ironically is Sam!) 3 years ago when he was diagnosed with "doggie hepatitis" to help strengthen his liver. I started reading the label and have been researching it more, wondering if it might be good for me. It's supposed to be good for the liver, depression, but also for osteoarthritis (which I'm headed into-yuk!).

    I don't have severe depression, but I am one of those people prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (deep purple funks from lack of sunlight). It usually hits me around the time we set the clocks back in October and doesn't get better until mid-January when the days start getting longer. I'm pathetic during November and December, but not because of the holiday blues.

    Anyhoo, since the only creature I know that takes it walks on four legs and doesn't speak my language, so I thought I'd check in here for some feedback.

    Thanks! :tender: