salvatore ferrgamo bag!!!!!!!!!

  1. hey guys!

    have this cute evening bag here from my mom, which she doesnt need anymore, and i would like to sell it on ebay, but i dont know for how much? how much would you pay for it? the outside is snake skin, and the chain is pretty heavy for such a small bag, so i would say its real gold, and it was a limited edition, its a very cute evening ''bag''.
    DSC00982.JPG DSC00983.JPG DSC00984.JPG DSC00985.JPG DSC00986.JPG
  2. nobody?
  3. So the bag looks like its only about 2 or 3 inches high, is that right??? Since its really a sort of novelty item, and not at all practical, I'm not sure you could get much for it on eBay, unless I'm missing something. (If the chain were real gold, of course, it could be worth thousands, but I doubt its solid gold???) I like Ferragamo bags very much--I own three of them--but frankly, I'm not sure there would be much of a market for this except among real hard core collectors.

    Do you live somewhere that you could have the bag appraised? Perhaps someone could research it and turn up additional information that makes it more valuable, since you believe it was a limited edition. Could you try contacting Ferragamo? Good luck.
  4. it's so teensy! I'm not much help, but gl!
  5. I doubt the chain is real gold - it's probably LE because of the snakeskin. I also have 3 Ferragamo bags (love them!) but would guess you may not be able to get a ton for it on eBay, regardless of the appraisal value
  6. maybe you should do your research on ebay about ferragamo's price range there. and start with not so high starting price, and let the people decides how much the auction would ends.
  7. If you do seahorseinstripes' suggestion, just make sure that you won't be upset if it doesn't reach a certain level!
  8. or maybe you can put a "reserve price" there?
  9. whey guys
    well just the outside of the chain is gold (not solid) thats what the people at the boutique said, and they did some research and they found out that it was a limited edition, but they couldnt tell me how much it was. but if you guys would see that bag on ebay, and you would be a ferragamo fanatic, how much would you pay for it.
  10. To be perfectly frank, I wouldn't pay a dime for it, because it seems unusable to me as an actual handbag because of its small size. I just don't personally find it very appealing.

    On the other hand, that's not to say that someone else wouldn't want it--maybe somebody who has a funky, eclectic, Carrie Bradshaw sort of style who would wear the bag as a necklace or something.
  11. lol to be honest i dont know what to do with that bag, its more a evening bag, but if ya'll say, none of ya'll would buy it, i might as well throw it away, right.
  12. Give It A Try, There May Be Someone Looking For Just That Bag......all You'll Be Out Is The Listing Fees.
  13. what is the size of that bag?-I have two ferragamo evening bags with that same chain, one in brown reptile kind leather and the other in black with a bow, and they are regular evening size, maybe yours is bigger than it looks in picture, measure and post the size.
  14. oh trust me its small: height: 2,8 inches / length: 3,5 inches / width: 1,2 inches, well thats something you would wanna wear when you go out partying and you dont wanna carry a bag around.
  15. It's adorable! Also, it looks like it's in excellent condition. I'm sure it would sell on ebay, don't throw the poor baby away.:sad: