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  1. hi all - I am sorry for posting this here if it is in the wrong spot. I don't see a Forum authenticate this bag for Ferragamo. I am guessing there's not as many fans for this company? I would like to purchase a handbag from them, but I saw it in person, on eBay and on The lining on the interior is different online an in person, does anyone know why this is or if this is a sign that the item is possibly a fake? Also does anyone know if handbags purchased at receives a dustbag with the purse? Here is the eBay listing. If someone can authenticate this it would be greatly appreciated. :sweatdrop: eBay: AUTHENTIC SALVATORE FERRAGAMO LEATHER SHOUDER HOBO $760 (item 170069393727 end time Jan-17-07 17:40:00 PST)
    Sorry that is is such a long winded question. TIA to all of you. :yes:
  2. I am a big Ferragamo bag fan too!

    It is amazing how much cheaper those bags are there an in Australia where I live. That bag would cost about the equivalent of US$1000 here.

    I think the one on Costco is a different size to the one on eBay.

    It seems weird to me that you can buy Ferragamo at Costco, because here it is available exclusively in their boutiques ... and very expensive. Bizarre.

    I have actually bought from that exact seller before and the item was authentic. I bought a Marc Jacobs Venetia bag.

    My Ferragamo bags have a different lining, but they do change them.

    Hope that helps.
  3. It helps a great deal. Since you have bought from that dealer before than I can trust to buy from them too I assume :smile:. I really like that bag. Yes the one in person at the boutique is only $720 + 5% tax for me - the lining is pink I think, the one Costco has is blue lining and a little more than 18% off the retail but not quite 19% off, and the one on Ebay is a used one it seems with a black lining. So as long as it is authentic then I won't worry so much about purchasing it from Costco or Ebay. Thanks a bunch. Now my husband doesn't have to get mad at me....again. :yahoo:
  4. my black ferragamo tote has the black lining as well...
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