Salvatore Ferragamo

  1. Hello!

    Since there is no place to talk about Ferragamo bags..I guess I'll just post it here.

    What is your general opinion about Ferragamo bags? Just curious?
  2. Ferragamo makes, quite possibly, my favorite bags. They are incredibly high-quality, classic, and not as common as some other brands. I have 3 Ferragamo bags and am always wanting more!
  3. Just as an addition, my little black one I bought 3 years ago has made it through the 3 years in nicer shape than any of my Fendis or YSLs
  4. That's good to know! I've been admiring them on NM's web pages for ages! Now all I need is the money to buy one!
  5. aww thanks you guys for the reply! I just bought one last week..and felt unsure..but knowing that they last for a long time..makes me feel better!!! :yes:
  6. sjc0105, which one did you get? They have such a great variety this season!
  7. It's actually very plain~ I just bought one for work~ If you'd like I can take a picture of the bag~ it's just a black tote kind of bag~ hehe :yes:
  8. I have a black Marissa bag that I just love. The craftsmanship and quality of the leather is superb!
  9. Ferragamo bags come with an authenticity card or anything like that? Hmm, I'm looking inside my bag and it didnt' come with anything "care instructions or card" or something of that sort? Thanks in advance!
  10. I also own three Ferragamo bags--a black Marissa, and red and camel satchels. Love them! Elegant timeless style, and as Kat said, great craftsmanship. And a pretty good price too, in the low $1,000-range as opposed to some other high-end designers that are around $2,000...
  11. Cosmo~ the red probably looks so pretty!!! hehe..jealous! I've been wanting a red bag, but can't seem to find one~!
  12. sjc0105 - you don't have to take a pic, was just curious! Ferragamo makes some awesome plainish but very stylish bags. To the ladies with the Marissas - love that bag!

    Ferragamos don't come with authenticity cards, but you should have gotten a dustbag with it
  13. I saw a woman carrying one and I instantly fell in love. :love:
    This is the purse, but I don't know the name of this particular style.
    ferragamo bag.jpg
  14. I have the gancio tote by Ferragamo. It is such a great bag! You can't go wrong with this designer.
  15. They're super bags--especially now that they've abandoned the super-smooth leather that scratches and creases if you look at it funny. I just picked up the Fiera hobo, and the guy let me choose between four different ones to see which one I liked the most.