Salvatore Ferragamo

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  1. I dont like it :sad:
  2. I LOVE Salvatore Ferragamo! This one is kinda cute and different but I really like that business tote of his'. It reminds me of a Birkin.
  3. As I said before I'm crazy for clutches. I have a similar SF clutch but sans the shoulder strap in black. It was from 2 or so years ago...
  4. The one I'm talking about looks a lot like that but has a bigger folding flap over it and the same signature buckle (maybe a bit bigger buckle). I love it, and if you are in the corporate/professional world ppl cant help but take you serious with a bag like this.
  5. I like [​IMG]
  6. Yes, it is a drop dead serious/gorgeous bag.

    Is this the bag you were talking about?

    I like this one better, and it is quite cheaper than the black one. It's a bit smaller, but I'm loving it.
  7. These are plain to me, the first one looks like you need a manual! And the others remind me of my mothers business briefcase...too boxy for my taste...
  8. That's the point. It's a business tote/purse for the everyday workaholic who doesn't have time or patience to switch up or carry both (i.e. me).
  9. feragammo flap blk.jpg

    feragammo white.jpg
    It's actually called the flap bag, Chem. I love the black but for $1190 you'd have to be a professional to afford it.:lol:
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