Salvatore Ferragamo?

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  1. . . . Bump.

    Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about Ferragamo croc?

    I would be "Grazie Mille"
  2. Real croc is quite expensive these days so many high end designers do croc embossed.

    The bag looks authentic to me. Interior label shot looks good. You might wish to ask for a photo of whole interior with zippered pocket so you know what to expect with that missing zipper pull. It's also another way to check her responsiveness.
  3. Thanks! Do you think that it might be authentic "croc skin"? . . . or authentic "Ferragamo"?

    (I didn't think that Ferragamo would make a croc bag out of "embossed" . . .but maybe I'm wrong?) I'm thinking that it may be vintage?
  4. It's definitely embossed leather. Real crocodile is so expensive you could pay several hundred dollars for a coin purse. Many high end designers use embossed leather to simulate crocodile and alligator. There's no shame to it.
  5. It does look embossed. I'm not sure how croc wears, but the pic of the corner looks like embossed leather.
  6. Thanks for answering favoritethingshawaii,bag-mania, and llson. I didn't think that Ferragamo would do croc embossed leather. (I thought this bag may be a "steal"!) . . .But, guess I was wrong. Thanks for your expertise.
  7. i know this is out of topic, but i really want to know how to tell authentic shoes from fake ones. anyone?
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