Salvatore Ferragamo-Up To 40% Off Online & In-Store

  1. Thanks for the post!
  2. Thanks for the post, bagachondriac! I love your posts - how do you stay on top of all of the best deals?
  3. These punks (SA at salva ferr) told me that the sale starts after xmas...I swore it was earlier than that based on previous experience. I gotta go tomorrow to check it out~

  4. You're welcome!! I have signed up for every shopping website that I have ever found online. When I'm looking for an item, I will search through as many pages as are listed in the search results. I then explore every single page in hopes of finding new stores/ road always leads to another!! Believe me, my inbox is full every morning and continues to fill up throughout the day....especially during the Christmas season. I actually enjoy it and have found many great bargains. I also love to share with everyone on tpf. More often than not, I will post a sale w/o ever having looked at it myself. I have to or I'd be broke!!
  5. u by chance know when Barney's will have their 2nd cut sale then?:tup:

  6. According to this post, it has already started in stores but not online.
  7. I'm sorry jesoon...I wish I knew but I don't. You ladies are the pros and know a lot more about these sales than I do. I just sign up for their newsletters and then post em' as they come in!!! I'm learning though!!
  8. Thanks!
  9. You are doing a wonderful job and I really appreciate it so so much ! Hope you get lots of nice pressies this Christmas.
  10. so true...i called yesterday to see if i could get a leg up on the varina flats before the sale started on 12.26, the sa informed me that the sale has started. I informed her that that the postcard i received it misleading:sad:. Either way the flats weren't gonna be on sale...darn it:crybaby: