Salvatore Ferragamo Sydney Annual Sale - Up To 80% off!

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  1. They had so much stuff last year! Really hoping that this year will be even better! :nuts:


    Salvatore Ferragamo
    ANNUAL SALE EVENT - Up To 80% Off!


    The annual Salvatore Ferragamo sale is not to be missed.

    Save up to 80% on a variety of men's and women's shoes, handbags, accessories and ready to wear.

    2 Days Only!!

    9am - 7pm
    Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th
    November 2010

    Paddington Town Hall
    Cnr Oatley & Oxford Street
    Paddington NSW

  2. Too bad I'm not able to go!! It's working day!
  3. What were the prices of varina flats last year, does anyone know?
  4. beatese - Come during your lunch break! Trust me, it'll be epic!

    belovaldi - I'm not too knowledgable on specific Ferragamo products, but if it helps, I believe that most ladies' flats last year were just under $200, and men's boots were about $250+. Belts were discounted to $100 last year, and there was an aisle full of SLGs and other accessories going for $80+ excluding wallets.

    And, the 'invite' came in the mail today! Sale is open to the public.
  5. the flats are under $200?? oh my my, would you be kind enough to do me a cp? :P i'm in Melbourne..
  6. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the term CP?

    But yes, last year was so much fun. I'm planning on getting a few pairs of shoes this time round and seeing if there are any wallets (my mom's wallet needs to be replaced)!
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  8. ooo i am so going! i really want to grab a pair of varina flats!
  9. blast, not sure I can make it cause of work :crybaby: thanks for the heads up I'll try to sneak out of work :ninja:
  10. ^ Em! I'll take pics on the Wednesday, post them up here. You can decide if you want to 'sneak out of work' on the Thursday :P
  11. 80% :nuts:
    I really want some SF shoes. I hope they have a huge sale here in Melb too.
  12. ^ From what I understand, the annual Australian Ferragamo sale only occurs in Sydney :sad:
  13. Aww damn... but then again, any excuse to go up to Syd :biggrin:
    Will have to make the trip up next year! Thanks r15324 xx
  14. woooooo sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see if i can find a nice pair of boots! ^_^
  15. A friend just called me from the sale. Apparently it was vicious. She was looking for flats ($250) but six.girls had linked arms and wouldn't let anyone through. Sounds nasty. People grabbing all the scarves/belts before selecting.