Salvatore Ferragamo Sub-Forum

  1. I would love to see a Salvatore Ferragamo Forum.
    I love there bags and there shoes.
  2. I think ferragamo makes great bags sometimes but not that many people own / cover them. i feel like it's more of a shoe brand.
  3. I would love to see a Ferragamo sub-forum too! I know there are quite a bit of old posts on Ferragamo bags hidden somewhere but it would be great if Ferragamo has its own 'special place' in tPF. He deserves it.
  4. He is an amazing designer, just not discussed enough on tPF to have his own little place! Once we see much more discussion, we can add him :yes:
  5. I'd like to see Ferragamo sub forum too!:smile:I have one ferragamo bag,its white mediteraneo bag big one...(maybe i'll post it some day here:girlsigh:).well.when i saw that there is no Ferragamo forum in this site i thought that you dont think that its a high brand...but i like ferragamo very much!!!:heart::yes:
  6. I second this request! Love Ferragamo, especially the shoes!!
  7. i would love to see a ferragamo subforum as well!
  8. Tta!
  9. Definitely- you hardly see any Ferragamo threads....
  10. I think either Ferragamo or Lanvin should have their own sub-forum. Love both of them. :heart:
  11. I would love one! Huge ferragamo fan here~
  12. I agree! I was at SCP today and the most wonderful SA helped me out, made my shopping experience even more pleasant.
  13. still no ferragamo forum? why?
  14. We can re-check to see if there is enough talk to warrant a sub forum... not so sure though
  15. I see very little Ferragamo discussions here.