Salvatore Ferragamo- I'm a new fan!


Mar 21, 2006
I have recently become a fan of Salvatore Ferragamo and was wondering if anyone had a collection of bags from this designer that they would like to show on here. I am really in love with any bright color bags (especially since Spring is now here) with the shiny silver hardware and the signature Gancini on it. I know on average that the bags I like are around $1190.00. Any pictures of Ferragamo bags would be great!
My one and only Ferragamo, of course I had to get the black :love:. This is my favorite style bag from him.


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    Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Shoulder Bag - 1150.JPG
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Right after I bought my LV Babylone tote, I went into Neiman Marcus, and one of the two bags that caught my attention was a Ferragamo (the other a Miu Miu). The leather was so soft and supple, and it was so unlike any of the bags I remembered from my days selling them. They've really changed, but since I'd just spent $990, coughing up another $990 was out of the question. :lol:
Thanks you guys, for your kind comments :love: . If you ever get this style you definitely won't be disappointed! The leather....quality is so beautiful it's one of my favorite bags in my collection. It looks great over the shoulder or handheld too.