Salvatore Ferragamo for my wife


Jul 31, 2006
Although some well-known designer bags are sold in smaller boutiques where getting some kind of discount is more likely (than the actual designer store or bigger department store), trying to find it in the first place can be tough. Also, it mght be possible to buy it on eB@* for less but authenticity can be a risk. Your best bet would be to try to find it on sale at a department store, if you look in the Deals & Steals section of this site you can see what stores are currently running sales. Good luck, you will make your wife very happy with this gift!

Kathy K

Feb 24, 2006
I agree with BaliHai88 -- Ferragamo is rarely on sale, particulary the more classic styles. That said, while I know that this seems like a huge price tag for a purse, Ferragamo is classic and lasts forever, and is less expensive than many other designers. Your wife would have this bag forever.

Good luck. You are a sweet husband! Can I give you my husband's phone number? Maybe you could teach him a thing or two!;)


Mar 15, 2007
Have you called any of the Ferragamo stores nationwide to see if they have the bag and ask if by chance it will be on sale? You may get a very helpful SA (Sales Associate) who can give you guidance AND if need be - you can order out of state and maybe NOT pay sales tax????
Just a thought!


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Dec 11, 2007
ml262 - Hope you have found the purse for your wife. If you have not and know of someone who is making a trip to London, the Ferragamo duty-free shop in Heathrow Terminal Three should be selling the Black Marisa for GBP 514. All in costs should come out to around $1050 including FX transaction fees, but you would be saving on sales tax.


Jul 5, 2007
There is a Ferragamo outlet in Southern California. I think it's called Desert Hills Premium Outlets. They usually have a bunch of Ferragamo bags on sale, and I think I've seen something very similar to the bag you described.
As you know, there is another outlet mall in NJ - Woodbury Commons? Not sure if they have Ferragamo outlet, but you can definitely try.


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Mar 31, 2007
Buy it at Saks and open a charge account and you will get 10% off. Not much but it will help. I think Nieman's also does that. Oops, didn't see the post before me that you can get it 25% off at Nieman's. Well, open a charge account and you will get another 10% off for only $600+!!