Salvatore Ferragamo Crochet Bag?

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  1. Well my girlfriend is sooo in love with this bag. She saw it on Jessica Simpson a LONG time ago and finally found it!! its the Salvatore Ferragamo Crochet Bag.

    I can't find it anywhere? Is it not made anymore? Anywhere I could get it???? Please help, thanks!!!!
  2. No one knows anything about this bag? =(
  3. never seen it irl but it's lovely :p

  4. I'm only familiar with Ferragamo leather bags and they are beautiful!
  5. I have only seen the leather version of that bag... Bluefly, Saks, some Nordstrom (in-store only), and Neiman Marcus sell that brand.
  6. You might try the Ferragamo outlets, I know there is one in Orlando, NJ, and CA, it's possible if it is from a previous season they may have it or could find it. Good luck!!
  7. i've seen it on bluefly. just check it religiously, it does pop up from time to time. Good luck!
  8. its from several seasons ago. Try the ferragamo outlet in Fort Lauderdale they have tons of bags from older seasons
    Good luck!
  9. I love that style! But prefer in leather, I tried them in store in white, were so heavy and not comfy.