Salvatore Ferragamo Collections - post your pics here

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  2. Gorgeous Bag! I love the soft color and that it's light. :smile:
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    :nuts: Those shoes are amazing! I die.
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  6. Wow love ur bags!!
    nice taste!
  7. Hello, I this actually my first post under Ferragamo but I was super excited to receive the Clara bag today! (thanks to the Cabazon outlet store)

    I was a pretty big fan of Ferragamo in the early 90's (wow I sound old!) thanks to my mom carrying a few pieces back in the day. My first real job was a complete corporate environment so the handbags and shoes worked well with my suits. A few years later, I switched over to a very casual/tech/entertainment industry and my style quickly changed. I recently sold most of my pieces but wish I kept a few...shucks.

    So...introducing my new favorite, the Clara! (yes, the same one as Jennifer Aniston) I love this bag, it's perfect for everyday use. Not too big, not too small. My purse-in-purse fits perfectly and as you can see, I can also fit a water bottle next to it. My everyday bag these days were either the Bal Work, Givenchy Bandana sac or cas Vanessa Bruno tote, but this is my new everyday bag! Carrying one of the bags mentioned above and a laptop bag was a bit too much, but this new combo should be just fine.
    photo.jpg photo2.jpg
  8. Great bag! Thanks for sharing the pic of what fits inside.

  9. A very beautiful bag. I love Ferragamo.

  10. My Ferragamo hobo, bought it several years ago, and it's still a favorite.
    bags july 07 007.JPG
  11. Woot llson, good to see you!

    Lots of great bags in this thread.

  12. Love it! Congratulations!
    Would you mind posting the measurements of the Clara? Tx
  13. Hi frenchiefan,

    The measurements for the Clara are:
    W 12 X H 9.5 X D 6 and the handle drop is 7. The handle drop is measured from the top of the handle STRAIGHT DOWN towards the center of the bag.

    I also posted a few pics under the modeling section so please take a look! Any other questions, please let me know!
  14. I love that CHARM!!!! :nuts:
  15. Thanks Lindsay_Levin.
    I am using it as a pendent now. ;p Trying to get full mileage outta it! Hee..