Salvatore Ferragamo Collections - post your pics here

  1. Thank you chery08. The milk colour shoes I bought two years ago and it's on of my favourite shoes, very very comfortable. the name of this model is SONIE 1, magnolia patentcalf. Congrtulation on your ferragamo walet chery, it's lovely.;)
  2. :smile: it's very nice .. i love the heels~~ how much you got it for huh? can i also check when the sales in HK are usually held on?
    Thanks... i'm thinking of getting another wallet soon since there are further discount..not sure should i spend on the shoes or wallet :p
  3. I saw Ferragamo is on sale in HK now, some shoes are 30% some 40% off and another accessories are also on sale. Are you from HK chery08? I paid for this shoes 3300HK$, but as I mentioned it was over 2 years ago.;) Totally understand you, now so many shops are on sale in HK that I also face dilemma: should I buy this or that, is it better to get shoes or dress or bag.;)
  4. he hee tough choices for a woman.... i'm from Singapore.. we're also having sales now but it'll be ending end of this month or next month i think....
    Should i get a wallet (metallic material) or a Tod's Heels???
    Bags.. Shoess... Dress... i would say Bag 1st...Shoes and then there are alot of nice dresses out there in cheaper prices too.. but the quality of bags and shoes are worth paying for...but maybe just not get too many :p
    So when's the sales ending in HK? I heard that there will be summer sales in Aug too right?
    Lucky girl....
  6. I vote to keep it, it's gorgerous!

  7. no problem Larissa...
    Went to bought the wallet.... very very happy and contented now~~ :p



  8. chery! such a nice wallet, congrats!!!!!!!!!
  9. he hee thanks...fall in love with it ever since i saw them early this year..they've another style with crystal on the ribbon part.. very pretty too~~
  10. me too~
    i heard from the sales girl that it's a LE for X'mas or something in asia only..
  11. So now you have two wallets?:p
  12. :p yes and no more...
    i'll aim for their shoes now....
  13. My two Ferragamo's:
    Virna and Marisa
    Ferragamo 006.jpg
  14. vt92009, congrats on your purchase!! Is the inside suede? It looks absolutely luscious! Larissa, I love all the colors in your shoe collection!