salvatore ferragamo bag

  1. hey guys

    sorry that i'm writting on a lv forum about a ferragamo bag, but since there is no SF forum i try it here, if ya'll dont mind. have this cute evening bag here from my mom, and i would like to sell it, but i dont know for how much? how much would you pay for it? the outside is snake skin, and the chain is pretty heavy for such a small bag, so i would say its real gold, and it was a limited edition, its a very cute evening ''bag''.

    thanks ya'll
    DSC00982.JPG DSC00984.JPG DSC00983.JPG DSC00985.JPG DSC00986.JPG
  2. ^ in the future, you should post it at handbag forum for any other bags.

    Sorry can't help you, may be other can..give you a bump
  3. I don't know anything about these bags, and there's no buying/selling here on TPF :smile:
  4. oh no no i'm taling about eBay here, i dont want to sell anything on here, no way. i just dont know for what price i should sell that bag, thats all.
  5. talking*
  6. Hmm...I think there might be someone on the general handbags discussion area who can help you. Sorry, I can't be of further assistance, either!
  7. Oh, sorry!
    Yeah, I think it'd be a better idea for you to post in the Handbags & Purses forum...that way there are more people to look at your bag, not just LV lovers :yes:
  8. OT, Karman, you look so cute in your new pic! Not that you looked bad in the last pic.