Salvatore Ferragamo Audreys

  1. I bought these shoes last week. They are so comfortable and elegant. At work I prefer to have flat shoes because I'm too heavy for heels :shame:
    And these look elegant too!
    The fact that Audrey Hepburn liked them is also a fun touch! I'm sure I will buy several other colors (in the sales heehee...)



    Does any of you have a pair?
    2007_04110001.JPG 2007_04110003.JPG
  2. Those are cute! Where did you find them?
  3. I like them!
  4. they have different colors each season.
    i saw them in dark purple last summer.
    i like ferragamo shoes too!!!
  5. Congratulations. I love Ferragamo shoes. They are so comfortable and very classy.
  6. looks comfy, good buy =)
  7. They're lovely! I saw them last week at Bloomingdale's and thought they were very nice.
  8. I have that exact pair, don't you love the leather? Soo soft. I bought mine in Rome last year =)
  9. I'm really liking these but wondering if they run narrow? My foot is a bit wide in the toes, and from the picture they look like they're cut on the narrow side.
  10. Perhaps not online, but A, AA, and AAA for narrow sizes do exist. I guess you would need to go to a Ferragamo store, to get narrow sizes, maybe.

    Ferragamo shoes are always so soft and comfortable! I have a pair of classic ivory heels, kinda makes me think of the heels that came with barbie dolls.

    Congrats on your cute Ferragamos! :}
  11. ferragamo shoes are great to wear!
  12. Absolutely!
    I'm a great believer in buying very few shoes, but of high quality, and these really have an amazing leather. However the sole showed some wear after just one day so I got them resoled STAT!
  13. Please know that I have quite large feet and a B fit me fine. The particularity with Ferragamo is there are different widths available for each size, so you can ask for another width.
    Hope this helps!
  14. Just called my local Ferragamo store and they carry them in a C width! :yahoo: They're holding a couple of sizes for me. Boudoir, thanks for starting this thread...these may be the flats I've been searching for!