Salvatore Feraggamo

  1. What do you think of his bags? Do you love them? Own Any? Please share your thoughts.:flowers:
  2. I have a Marissa bag that I love. The leather is soft and the bag is very light. Here's a pic.

  3. It's hit or miss with me. I really loved that ostrich bag that was 3k. I think sweetea has one.
  4. i have the patchwork tote and i LOVE it to death!! :heart::heart:
    ferragamo1.jpg ferragamo2.jpg
  5. Oooh, I love the Marissa bag! Do they still make it?
  6. I love that Marissa bag also. Where can I get it? I don't remember seeing it.
  7. Great bags. I sold them back when the company was high on smooth leathers that scratched if you looked at them funny, and they've come a long way since then. Surprisingly, some of them even seem like bargains compared to other brands.
  8. I love Salvatore bags! This Marissa tote is very nice.
  9. I dont own one yet. Its funny coz I was just at Ferragamo the other day admiring the Gancio Tote leather bag. I think you can never go wrong with Ferragamo bags...quality & design wise. I love their shoes as well.

    Here's a photo of the Gancio Tote:


  10. I LOVE the shoes- and I really like the line of exotic hides they did a while back: furs, zebra-striped pony hair, etc. Now they only have a couple ugly croc-embossed bags. :throwup:
  11. I have a few pairs of the shoes, and really like them. I love the Marissa, also. Sweetea's is my favorite, by far!
  12. I've got three Ferragamo bags--a black Marissa and two other satchels in red and camel. Love them! Really high-quality, classic, elegant bags at fairly reasonable prices!
  13. I actually wore my Ferragamo pony hair flats today. I have several of their older bags and really love them. I tried ordering a new one on NM but they cancelled my order gave up on that idea and wouldnt give the business to NM now if they were the last Ferragamo distributor on earth.
  14. I Love Ferragamo.....I Do Also Have Some Of Their Older Bags. I Believe The Last One I Bought Was @ The End Of 2000. I Have A Couple Wallets, Scarves & Piles Of Their Shoes. My Husband Also Lives In Their Shoes.
  15. I love the Gancio Tote in the chocloate patchwork leather. Does anyone own this bag?