Salvation Army (or stores like it) for a vintage designer purse?

  1. Is it even worth a shot to go look for one there?
  2. It really depends. In a low to middle income neighbourhood, probably not but if there's one near a more affluent neighbourhood or in a busy city where it is more diverse, the possibilities are definitely much better! You will probably never find a recent item, but vintage designer goods, definitely.

    I've found Dooney & Bourke and Coach leathergoods as well as high-end shoes, but no really high-end bags before, though.
  3. You might get lucky. :yes:

    Especially if you can get to the ones in areas that the rich and famous live!
  4. I agree that it really depends on what kind of community the store is located in, but you can still find some cute non-designer vintage bags in most thrift shops. It might still be worth looking.
  5. LOL, you might get lucky - there's a thread now in the H-subforum where someone scored a vintage Kelly from Goodwill!!

    How lucky huh? My DH was saying he's totally okay with me shopping for Hermes at Goodwill!
  6. Idk. Im still kinda hesitant about walking into Goodwill or salvation army. Some of the people that work there are kinda...snoby when it comes to people who dont need that stuff comming in there. Its like a poorly dressed person going into Saks and getting dirty looks from an SA except vice versa. =/ im kinda scared
  7. ^ Really?

    I don't have a huge experience of charity shops, but I think, in the UK at least, they're generally just happy that you're contributing to the cause. :yes:

    Maybe you've just been unlucky?

    If you find something really good, at a really low price, you could always make a donation, so that you don't feel like you're ripping the charity off. :biggrin:
  8. There was an article in our local paper about a Charity shop not far from me that was selling used Prada, Louis Vuitton and chloe bags because footballers wives who live in Cheshire were sending all their used bags and clothes in. There was a waiting list in the Charity shop for a Chloe paddington...I think one of the women eventually got one :upsidedown:
  9. I've never tried Goodwill, but definitely check out any vintage/antique stores. There are a few in Chicago that I hear have really good stuff. I ahve also had good luck in consignment stores.

  10. hahaa, this is a funny topic. I know some kids on campus that like to shop at Salvation Army. If I go with them I always look for handbags... but I've had no luck finding a LV yet!
  11. Yes it's also like that in the Oxfam charity shop on King's Road as well. There are tonnes of Blahniks bought from the boutique five minutes walk away and these are only worn once, hats are also another type of popular throwaway because it is imperative that you cannot be seen with the same hat more than once! Even politicians (for the British people, I am referring to Michael Portillo) dumped his brand new Thomas Pink shirts by the dozen there.

    I don't like the shop though and I'm no longer giving away stuff there because - similar to what another lady is saying - when I went to give them my coat (cashmere Max Mara in almost perfect condition), the person looking after the shop was holding an arrogant attitude and don't really care; probably thinking she is above the rest of the people coming to give her their stuff. She actually said in repetition to someone else in front of me and myself: 'Thanks, just leave it on the floor.'
  12. Maybe I should leave Mrs.Speedy at home when I go lol. I plan on going either Tuesday or Saturday for my search for designer goods. Theres also a 2nd hand designer shop in the next town over that I always drive past on my way to work but ive yet to go into. Its been there as long as I can remember so maybe i'll stop there. If i fidn anything good, Ill take pictures and let everyone know what I find!!

    It also seems like alot of people find better stuff in the UK than in the US. Even on those shows on BBC about the house selling stuff. The houses always have such nice antiques :]
  13. It is worth going. You never know what you'll find. I was in Austin, TX once for a long weekend and found a giant Goodwill. It was organized like a department store and had lots of good stuff. You never know until you look. Sometimes they are less familiar with high end labels in the less affluent neighborhoods so you can really luck out. Plus, you're helping out a worth cause.
  14. as of right now i know of a
    -Salvation Army
    -The well ( owned by the local Church)
    -The free store (next to and owned by the well)

    So theres 4 stores. Atleast ONE hs to have something I like/ Something high end designer in it =]. Their not small either. The Goodwill store useto be a BlockBuster so its pretty big, And the Goodwill was an old Fire station so its pretty roomy.
  15. My tip for the day, LOL:
    Talking about TV, I saw a CNN programme (Quest to be precise) on the stuff that was formerly unclaimed lost property at the airports. I am flabbergasted at what go on sale at these shops that sell them: diamond sets, Cartier watches were going at serious bargain prices as well!

    P.S. The British are pathologically obsessed with collecting useless things that should be thrown away so may be that's why they have so many 'antiques,' LOL. I have too much French character in me so it is usually me who tells my fiancé to throw things away (e.g. $5 tea mugs that may be worth $100 in 50 years time, LOL) rather than the other way round!