Salvation Army Angel Christmas Tree......


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Mar 25, 2006
Markham Texas
Do any of you guys do this? I am going to do this for the first time this year, I couldn't believe how hard it was to choose a child's name from the Christmas Tree to sponser Christmas gifts for...........Well I couldn't decide so I just closed my eyes and picked.....I got a lil 4 yr. old boy who wants and needs clothes and he also wants a bike........

I just want to cry for Children on the Angel Tree who may not have a Christmas. If I could I would just choose all the names on the tree.


Jun 29, 2007
DC Metro Area
I used to do these through work every year. We stopped last year (I don't know why; it stinks). I always tried to pick one or two who seemed to really need help (like the little one you picked, I generally went for the ones that needed warm clothes or basics like that) and go crazy. It's incredibly fun, but I'm with you, it's so hard to not take them all! Since work stopped doing it, it's been harder to find the kids (and seniors! I loved that our trees had seniors too!) that seemed really in need. The trees at the malls seem full of desires that are a little too extravagant for my budget - like Wiis and PS3s and the like.

In a similar, but not quite the same topic, I wish work would start doing it again. It was great to go into to work and see our lobby filled up with presents and then hear that Salvation army had to make several trips to get all the gifts out of our 8 buildings. I wish I knew why they stopped; doesn't seem like it would cost anything to do. :confused1:


Apr 28, 2007
I do it every year, well I've been here for only three years so this is my third year. I got a little boy and a little girl this year, I wish I could do more.

I got my angels form the Salvation Army Xmass tree in the mall and it didnt stink, lol. rothjess I know what you mean about the presents, some of them are like ????, I do pick kids that seem to really need this.

Anyways, My cousin used to babysit for this lady whom was living of welfare, s.s. and food stamps, she had like 5 kids and they all from different fathers and every kid was with their father but the youngest one. Social Security used to pay my cousin to help her to clean up her house because she was ill, so this lady practicly lived in the casino, she'd go out every night to the casino and do drugs too. Her daughter was so spoiled I hated her, I feel bad but I could not stand this little kid. One day for Christmas she got like 522571231 presents, no kidding only good stuff from Salvation Army, from the Church from here and there. I felt bad, there is kids that really need this you know.


Jul 31, 2006
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My company is affiliated with several local charities and they organize something similar to this, there are trees in the lobby decorated with paper ornaments with kids' names, ages and Christmas wishes on them. It is heartbreaking but you do feel like in some small way you helped make one kid's day, even if you can't do anything about their circumstances.