Salt water and Lv wallets...

  1. My husband went out fishing today and had a big fish he was fighting for a long while I guess...(I was not there..I just get to hear the LONG fishing stories after) so AFTER the big brawl he decided to jump in the ocean as he was hot...LV wallet in his pocket. (he forgot) it did not even get went untouched! :biggrin: He did loose his cell though DAMN IT!) I just lost mine last Saturday! Anyway, I was so impressed that the good LV held up!
  2. YAY for LV QUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. That's awesome! Sorry to hear about his cell though...
  4. maybe it's his pants... lol.
  5. Good point Frozen!! I have been disappointed in Lv the last few weeks so this incident made me feel better! (plus it was a bday present from me)
  6. Cheers to the craftmanship of LV. :yes:
  7. Yeah, they hold up pretty well. i dropped my epi wallet in the toilet once (by accident..dont ask how) and it's fine.
  8. Sunshine ~ That's So Good To Hear About The Wallet! Sorry About The Cells!